aautryAlan Autry is currently the head of Autry Entertainment Group (AEG), a film production company engaged in the making of faith and family films and a partner in CenCal Mentoring Academy, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving at-risk students in Fresno County.

He served as Mayor of the City of Fresno from 2000-2008, served on the Advisory Board of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, appointed by President George W. Bush to the National Preservation Board, and to the California State Film Commission by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After graduating from the University of Pacific. Mr. Autry was drafted as a quarterback by the Green Bay Packers and played three years of professional football.

Still very active as a Hollywood actor, he is, perhaps, best known for co-starring with Carroll O’Connor in the long-running hit TV series “In The Heat Of The Night”.   His film credits include “Grace Under Fire”, “Dukes of Hazzard”, “Roadhouse”, “At Close Range”, and “North Dallas Forty.”

But most notably, Mr. Autry is a man of integrity, loves the LORD, and is committed to spreading the gospel.