I’m going to write about someone who has made a difference in my life. I choose Ms. Andrews because she helped me quit marijuana. Marijuana was effect on me and my life in a major way, it was hurting my schoolwork and my relationship with my mom. I connected and have a good relationship with her. Her Christian values are something that I like. She is always positive and by her being positive it make me feel better.

Another thing I grew to like about her is how she carries herself and how she values herself because a lot of women don’t. She is a strong minded women and I see that in her. Finally, I would like to say that Ms.Andrews is my wonder women. She is a wonderful women with great intentions with people. Most mentors don’t really touch me but she did she opened my eyes up for a lot of great opportunities.

I haven’t known Ms. Andrews for long but I can tell she has a really good heart. It’s hard to come around a person that’s gone help you and not judge you for the wrong you done. Ms. Andrews is my super women I look up to her so much because she motivates me when I don’t even have motivation for myself. She gives me something to look forward to in life