My name is Katelyn Chavez I’m a teen mom and A learn 4 Life 2016 Graduate. The parenting class Cencal offers at learn 4 life gave me the support and drive to keep going. My biggest struggle would be when I had to take my daughter now 2 years old to school with me, She would always have me running around campus instead of being able to actually do work. the Cencal mentors and teachers would always step in to help me with her so I could finally try and get work done. the moment when I finished my last credit I was filled with so much joy I began to cry, I thought “I FINISHED, I finally finished. all of my hard work paid off and it was all for my baby girl”. After High school I plan to start college to become a teacher. One piece of advice I would give another Teen parent would be to never give up no matter how much they want ┬áto, If they ever feel like giving up sit back and talk to a mentor. Things will fly at you to stop you but you have to overcome them to get by. Just think “everything you do, everything you accomplish is for your child”.