CenCal works with local community-based organizations, civic groups and churches within each community to identify, train, and hire mentor candidates. We look for individuals that possess and can commit to the following:

  • Persevered through life experiences

  • One year commitment time

  • Have a missionary or servants heart

  • The ability to complete mentor training

  • Maintain your professionalism at all times

  • Participate and attend all staff training

Each mentor selected for employment will be required to complete the following:

  • Submit an application and three reference letters

  • Attend a mentor recruitment orientation

  • Complete interview process

  • Complete 40-hour Certified Professional Impact Mentor training program

  • Satisfactory complete training program and exit exam

  • Satisfactory pass fingerprinting and a TB Test

By incorporating this recruitment approach, we have been able to employ a strong diverse team of male and female mentors that represents:

  • Many different real-life experiences

  • Overcame all types of hardships

  • A wide variety of careers professional careers

  • All economic levels

  • Communities in Fresno and Kings County

Our mentors use a Comprehensive Collaborative Intervention Strategy that supports the whole student and their family. To ensure that we receive the evidenced-based measurable results our mentors are trained and prepared to provide the following Impact Mentoring services:

  • Teach Full Curriculum (life, social, bullying, anger management, parenting)

  • Share Impact Mentoring strategies with students and families

  • Conduct Home Visits (if needed)

  • Understands how to build relationships with student and families to obtain buy-in and accountability

  • Measure attendance, GPA, and behavior at school and at home