Program Impact

The CenCal Mentoring Academy is a comprehensive program that connects dropouts, truants, and suspended youth to mentors, programs and services that will help lead them to success both academically and interpersonally.

  1. Each student will be assigned to our mentor network that will help them understand and appreciate the value of education, the importance of going to school and staying in school.
  2. Mentees will receive life skills, job-readiness, and work-based learning activities.
  3. Each student will have the opportunity to pursue internship and part-time employment opportunities.
  4. Students will be given the opportunity to participate in various activities, such as: college visits, field trips, sporting and community events.
  5. Qualified students will have the opportunity to explore union/non-union trades, military service, vocational careers, and entrepreneurism.
  6. Each student will be a part of a support group that will help them discover and develop the necessary tools and habits to succeed in school and in life.

Our program impact can best be characterized by our performance.  In fact, one of our school site principals was recently quoted by the Reedley Exponent newspaper stating, “I’ve seen a positive change since the beginning, I have basically zero suspensions since October,” said Israel Almendarez, principal of San Joaquin Valley High School, which is Parlier Unified’s alternative high school. In the past, he said, three or four students were suspended every month.

Our program performance can best be described as innovative in the profound letters of support we received from each school site documenting reduced suspensions and incident referrals.

The County of Fresno Superintendent has since recommended CenCal Mentoring Academy for the 2016 Golden Bell award for an exemplary best practice model program.

A recent visit by the ACS/WASC/CDE Accreditation Committee further defines The Cencal Mentoring Academy as a program that contributes to the VHEA SCHOOL CULTURE AND SUPPORT FOR STUDENT PERSONAL AND ACADEMIC GROWTH

Our impact can also be measured by our professional teams serving at 16 campuses throughout the Central Valley impacting over 5,000 students.

Our Numbers

CenCal Mentoring Academy started with 1 school in 2012 with 25 students one day per week. To now evolving to 16 campuses directly impacting over 3,000 students and indirectly over 5,000 students.

We have lowered on average the suspension rate across our participating schools 52%, have helped change the GPA from an average of 1.54 to an average of 2.10. And helped reduce on campus student incidents from 37 down to 8.

I am very pleased with the CenCal Mentoring Program and staff and just wanted to thank you for all the good and positive influence you had with my son over the past year and a half. He has shown great improvement in his social and working skills. Also, the age group from 18 to 25 years old was exactly what he needed at this time.


My son really enjoyed the exceptional mentoring quality from CenCal Mentoring program. It’s a world-class program with unique opportunities to learn and meet really cool, highly talented people. CenCal Mentoring help turn my son’s life around.

S. Davison

I’ve gained independence and the willpower to really take care of myself. I have never felt so independent and mature; I really believe I am ready for life experiences.

R. Ghoul